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MobaXterm and plugins

MobaXterm is a pretty great terminal environment for Windows users, I haven’t even really scratched the surface of all it can do, but just having a real shell with real UNIX commands available without having to reboot takes away about 90% of the suck of using Windows. It comes with quite a few basic UNIX commands built in, and there are plugins available for a number of others. You get them from this page, although you really only have to grab the cUrl plugin, restart and then run the following one liner:

for i in $( curl|grep '\<li\>'| awk -F\/ '{ print $2 }'| awk -F\" '{ print $1 }' | awk '{ printf "http\:\/\/mobaxterm\.mobatek\.net\/"; print }' ); do curl -O $i ; done


to grab all of them. It’s free software, and the source code is available from their website (support->licenses), although they seem to be running on a free/paid version system of binaries, with more features and support available for the paid version. If you’re not keen on compiling a bunch of UNIX software under Windows, it’s probably worth the 49 Eur. to get the paid version.

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